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What We Make.

What We Make. 

We strive towards offering our customers something new and inspiring through our clothing lines. All of our cores products are made from an unique blend of fabrics not seen anywhere els. Because of this fabric combination, our products are rocking some wonderful features like an advanced three-layer quick drying technology: 

  1. Wipes your skin from sweat. 
  2. Absorbs the sweat within the fabric without being wet. 
  3. Deduce the sweat on the outside, without being visible. 



The world-known danish design is the very essence of simplicity and we endeavor to use this throughout every single product. 


Every piece of clothing coming out of our store is carefully crafted by the finest craftmanship available. Everything is checked send on time in our premium packaging. 


Our clothing is made with the most futuristic approach. Alongside our designers, we use likewise minded engineers to fully advance our products in every aspect, from design to movement capabilities. We do not lean up against the new technologies. We make them.

Our vision. 

Our brand circumference around our the aspect of never backing down and never letting anything getting in the way of achieving your goal. We made our clothing relentless to provide every athlete with the tools to become relentless themselves.


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